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LifeLine Ambulance, Inc.

LifeLine Ambulance, Inc. is currently the largest ambulance provider in North Central Washington with a staff of more than 80 full-time and part-time Paramedics, IV Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians, billing / collections staff, Medical Supervising Officers and management team. We are a primary 911 provider in all our service locations, and also provide interfaculty transports, wheelchair van transports, and event standbys, and offer training courses to the public and other medical professionals within the industry. We maintain a fleet of 13 ambulances, four 4-wheel drive response units, and 1 wheelchair transport van.

LifeLine began providing emergency medical services to the communities in the greater Wenatchee Valley on June 1, 1988. LifeLine entered a competitive market with 911 emergency response, as well as non-emergency transports. Operations began with two ambulances and a staff of six full-time and four part-time employees, and quickly expanded with two more ambulances and a wheelchair service.

In November of that same year, LifeLine purchased the Omak and Okanogan Volunteer Associations. This made LifeLine the first full-time advanced life support service provider to the communities of Omak / Okanogan and the surrounding area, starting with 2 ambulances, 1 full-time Paramedic and 15 part-time Emergency Medical Technicians.

By the early 1990s, LifeLine had 24/7 staffing in all of our service locations, and started to provide wheelchair transportation between private residences and medical facilities.  In August of 2015, LifeLine Ambulance entered into an agreement with the City of Oroville and the Oroville EMS District in Okanogan County to start providing advanced life support service to the Oroville district.  We are very excited to be working cooperatively with these two agencies on this joint effort to enhance emergency medical services to the rural area.  Our Oroville location is staffed 24/7 with full-time EMT’s, providing the first full-time dedicated service providers to that EMS district.

LifeLine Ambulance is a part of the Eagle Group of companies, locally owned by Mike and JoAnn Walker.  These companies are involved in household, intermodal, information, and medical transportation, and share a history deeply rooted in the early days of transportation in the Wenatchee Valley. Eagle Livery, founded in 1903, became the cornerstone for this group of companies that expanded the meaning of transportation – and service. Horse-drawn wagons gave way to motorized vehicles; trucks got larger and larger to handle more freight, and then containers were developed to make the transfer of cargo between boats and docks, and trains and depots, easier.  Eagle Transfer, as it came to be called, stayed focused on moving household goods, spinning off the increasing intermodal freight services into a new Eagle company in the late 1970’s.  The intermodal facilities management services that Eagle had started providing led to the formation of yet another Eagle company in the mid-1990’s; in the meantime, LifeLine Ambulance and an information services company were formed, further expanding Eagle’s transportation services.

Today, the Eagle Group of companies continue to explore service possibilities in the diverse transportation and medical fields. Eagle and LifeLine Ambulance continue the same strong commitment to communities, service, and people as the pioneers who founded Eagle Livery in 1903.

Our Key People


Mike Walker

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Eagle Group


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LifeLine Ambulance, Inc.

Vision Statement

LifeLine Ambulance, Inc., and the Eagle Group of Companies, will set the standard of excellence by which others measure their performance.

LifeLine Ambulance and the Eagle Group of companies will be a national business enterprise. We will create and sustain a partnership with our communities, employees and business partnerships. The hallmarks of our partnerships will be integrity, openness, mutual respect and accountability.


Our Communities: We will be the preferred provider of service by understanding and consistently meeting or exceeding our community’s changing expectations.

Our Employees: We will provide a supportive caring workplace with recognition and reward for accomplishment. We will create equal opportunities for career development.

Our Business Partnerships: We will nurture mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Our commitment to this partnership will be manifested in the financial stability and sustained growth of its membership. We will maintain an entrepreneurial spirit through corporate independence and broad-based employee involvement.