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LifeLine Ambulance, Inc., a Washington State Provider

To proceed to payment, please list your Run Number OR your Invoice Number in the Customer Reference ID field on the payment page. Please click the “Pay Now” button to go to that page. Thank you.

If you cannot pay your balance in full, we will accept a Monthly Time Pay agreement based on your account balance:

$151-$300: $75
$301-$900: $100
$901-$1,500: $125
$1,501-$2,000: $150
$2,001-$3,000: $250
$3,001-$4,000: $350
$4,001+: $400

Debit/Credit or ACH payments are processed securely through Transaction Express, after you enter your Run # and click Pay Now a window will pop up for you to process your payment.

LifeLine Ambulance