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LifeLine Ambulance, Inc., a Washington State Provider

In order to proceed to payment you will need your Run #.

If you cannot pay your balance in full, we will accept a Monthly Time Pay agreement which is based on your account balance:

$100-$150: $50
$151-$300: $75
$301-$900: $100
$901-$1,500: $125
$1,501-$2,000: $150
$2,001-$3,000: $250
$3,001-$4,000: $350
$4,001+: $400


LifeLine Ambulance, Inc. is a Washington State Ambulance Provider, if you did not receive service in Washington State do not make a payment as you have the incorrect provider site – please call 509-663-4602 if we can further assist you.

LifeLine Ambulance

Run # (Example: Run# 19-9999):