Community / Sporting Event Standby Coverage

LifeLine Ambulance, Inc.

When you are hosting an event, professional high quality medical expertise is essential to its success and safety. LifeLine Ambulance, Inc. provides medical standby coverage for many different type of events. Regardless of the size, or type we can provide your event with the medical coverage. By hiring LifeLine Ambulance, you can be assured that potential medical emergencies will be responded to without delay.

Here are few of the venues and events LifeLine Ambulance provides coverage for:

  • High school sporting events – football, basketball, wrestling tournaments
  • Rodeos
  • Mission Ridge ski races
  • Bicycle & mountain bike races
  • Marathons and fun runs
  • County fairs
  • Motorcycle & car races.

LifeLine Ambulance Event Coverage Options

Here is a list of some of the options available for event coverage:

  • Single Medical Provider EMT/Paramedic with equipment
  • Advanced or Basic Life Support ambulances
  • SUV-type 4-wheel-drive units.
  • Specialty off-road units for rough or limited access areas.
  • Written medical plan and documentation.

If you would like to request a Medical Standby, please fill out and fax the PDF document to the right, OR fill out and submit the on-line request form below.

Please submit request at least one week prior to the event.

Ambulance Standby & Event Request Form

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