Limited Mobility (Wheelchair) Transports

LifeLine Ambulance, Inc.

LifeLine Ambulance offers 24 hour wheelchair van transport service. This service provides a person or family of someone with limited mobility the necessary transportation to medical appointments without the worry of how to get there. Wheelchair transports are offered for both local and long distance medical appointments.

The LifeLine Ambulance wheelchair van is equipped with an oversized lift which allows for most power wheelchairs and some specialty chair transports with a capacity of 800 pounds.

Wheelchair van transport can be used for patient who:

  • Confined to a wheelchair to include electric
  • Have their own self – administered oxygen
  • Limited mobility needs other than wheelchair.
  • Medical, dental, vision, and rehabilitations appointments.
  • Transport from a hospital to home, assisted living, rehabilitations, or skilled nursing facility which do not meet the requirements for ambulance transports.
  • Transport to special family events, shopping, errands, community events, etc.

Wheelchair van service is an excellent way to ensure both patient and family members have peace of mind about follow-up medical appointments. All wheelchair transport are accompanied by a trained medical professional.

Wheelchair van transports are not covered under Medicare or private insurances. The charge must be covered by the patient.